Our Occupational Health Services

New Starter and Pre-employment Medical Screening

OHSB will asses whether individuals are medically fit for their designated job role. We will also advise on any reasonable adjustments that may be required for someone to manage in their new role. New Starter and Pre-employment medicals can be carried out on a paper-screening basis or we can carry out a full ‘job specific’ medical. New Starter and Pre-employment medical screening will:

  • Ensure that perspective employees are fit for their intended role
  • Prevent or reduce the incidence of occupational exposure to potential hazards
  • Satisfy your obligations under the Equality Act 2010
  • Reduce compensation claims
  • Protect an individuals health and welfare

Sickness/Absence Management

OHSB offer a sickness/absence management service, designed to help organisations manage their long-term and short-term absences. With sickness/absence being a major issue for employers causing direct costs to industry.

Our service will benefit employers by:

Health Surveillance

We offer a range of health surveillance programmes ‘tailor made’ to organisation needs.  Our clinical screening services include:

Health Promotion

Looking after the health and well-being of your workforce is essential.  OHSB work alongside national health promotion events in order to support the health of your employees.

Initiatives include:

We can also provide health ‘roadshows’ which include cholesterol testing, glucose testing, blood pressure, pulse, body mass index, peak flow and skin hydration testing.

Policy Development

Should an organisation require support inwriting a health policy for their organisation, OHSB are able to assist in this area.  Examples of policies that our clients have benefited from include:

Training Services

OHSB offer a whole range of health and safety related training services. We are Charted Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) approved.  Courses offered include:

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